Some heroes may wear capes but others wear stethoscopes, show courage in tough times, spend hours peering down microscopes, or simply offer hugs and hi-fives… and we want to celebrate them all!

We dare YOU to be a hero for kids in hospital!

You can be a hero too by doing something fun or challenging to raise money that will support the children, families and staff at Princess Margaret Hospital and soon at Perth Children’s Hospital.

The adventure starts in March and runs through until the end of May. It’s free to sign up and there are some great fundraising prizes and rewards on offer!

We’ll keep in touch with regular tips, advice and support so you can raise the most you can for sick children.

Be a hero and change kids’ lives!
Why be a hero?
You’ll help kids across WA who depend on the hospital to live their healthiest and happiest lives.

Your support will help provide our children with the best equipment, research, expertise, therapy and of course moments of happiness!
How do I become a hero?
1. Click here to download your awesome fundraising kit full of helpful tips and ideas.
2. Click 'Become a HERO' to register your hero status as a fundraiser.
3. Have fun, raise funds and change kids' lives!
Kids need heroes - superheroes and everyday heroes. People who do big things, little things and inspiring things.
Things that make the kids say: "You're my hero." We dare YOU to be that hero.

For more information about Dare to be a Hero contact our Community Fundraising Manager Jane Clare on (08) 9489 1188 or
Meet our unsung heroes